A KeePass 2.x plugin for reporting and measuring password strength.

StrengthReport was originally developed by Péter Török and Ádám Erdélyi, but forked by me as their version is no-longer maintained.

StrengthReport is free to use and open source, licensed under the terms of the GPL. You can browse or download the source at the GitHub repository.

Download Version 1.2

For details of the changes in version 1.2, check out the changelog.

Latest News

New Project: StrengthReport

I've forked the no-longer maintained KeePass StrengthReport plugin to fix a few bugs and make some enhancements. You can browse or download the source and download a new release from the StrengthReport project page.

Questions or Problems?

For more information see the readme. If you have found a problem then you can open an issue.