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Radio Downloader is an easy to use Windows application for podcast subscriptions and downloads.  It also features a plugin framework that potentially allows it to provide podcast-like downloads of audio content from other providers who do not publish podcasts.

Radio Downloader is supported on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP (but not Windows RT), and is freely available for your use under the terms of the GPL.

Download Version 0.30

Radio Downloader requires the .NET Framework 2.0, which you can get via Windows Update, or download from

For details of the changes in version 0.30, check out the changelog.

Latest News

Radio Downloader 0.30

I've just released version 0.30 of Radio Downloader.  This release adds three main new features:

There are also a number of bug fixes and internal improvements - notably, there is a now a check at start-up to see if the application database has become corrupt and complex HTML in podcast descriptions is converted into more readable text.  For full details (as always), please see the changelog

The Return of Radio Downloader

I've just released version 0.28 of Radio Downloader. Unfortunately, the main change in this release is the removal of the BBC Provider but there are also a couple of small bug fixes.

I have also taken the opportunity to move the source code from a Subversion repository on my desktop to a git repository on GitHub to make it easier to contribute. My plan is to also move the bugs from Bugzilla to use the GitHub issue tracker (if feasable), so please bear with me while I make these changes.

Questions or Problems?

For more information, for answers to your questions, or to find out how to report a bug, see the Radio Downloader help.


Find out how you can contribute to Radio Downloader.