Remeha Boiler Logger

A service to decode and log sensor data from a Remeha Avanta Plus 28c to syslog.

I wrote this application to log data from my boiler (shown as Avanta Plus V1 (P2) in Recom). I'm sharing it in the hope that it proves useful to someone else (especially as the info online about the boiler is pretty sparse).

Remeha Boiler Logger is free to use and open source, licensed under the terms of the GPL. You can browse or download the source at the GitHub repository.

Latest News

New Project: Remeha Boiler Logger

I've shared a new utility I've written to log sensor data from my Remeha boiler in the hope it will prove useful.

Although written about a different model of boiler with a newer protocol, I found Robert Hekkers' blog posts about the protocol of his Remeha Calenta a useful starting point.