New Project: libbeebimage

I've extracted the BBC image format loading code from the BBC Graphics Viewer, made it a stand-alone cross-platform library with C and C++ bindings and called it libbeebimage. This is what I'm using to convert images included in the 8-Bit Software Online Conversion via a ruby extension written in C.

New Project: StrengthReport

I've forked the no-longer maintained KeePass StrengthReport plugin to fix a few bugs and make some enhancements. You can browse or download the source and download a new release from the StrengthReport project page.

Final issues added to 8BS Online Conversion

Hot on the heels of the last update, I've finished adding all of the remaining issues to the 8-Bit Software Magazine Online Conversion.

Now that all of the issues are online, I'll continue to fix bugs and make enhancements to make the conversion easier to browse and display in a more authentic way.

Issues 49 and 50 added to 8BS Online Conversion

I've finally made another update to the 8-Bit Software Magazine Online Conversion, after a gap of nearly 5 years! Oops, where does the time go?

This time around, I've added Issue 49 (disc 1, disc 2) and Issue 50 (disc 1, disc 2), as well as taking advantage of browser improvements in recent years to make all of the Mode 7 pages quicker and less buggy and add the option of running each issue in a BBC Emulator (if you have a recent enough browser).

New Article: Cross-compiling Dropbear and rsync for Android

I've just added a about how to cross-compile Dropbear and rsync for Android which was prompted by Android 5.0 refusing to run my existing binaries as they weren't position independent executables. Read it here.

New Project: Auto Tab Setup

I am pleased to announce the release of a new utility - a Programmer's Notepad extension which automatically configures the indent style and size to match the currently loaded text file. Get Auto Tab Setup here.

New Release: Radio Downloader 0.30

This release adds three main new features:

There are also a number of bug fixes and internal improvements - notably, there is a now a check at start-up to see if the application database has become corrupt and complex HTML in podcast descriptions is converted into more readable text.

For full details and to download this release, see the Radio Downloader page.

Dolby Digital over HDMI for OpenELEC on Nvidia ION

I've been using OpenELEC on my living room PC recently as it is very fast booting and lightweight compared to XBMCBuntu and easy to configure and use.  However, a small fix is still required to get Dolby Digital audio to work over HDMI, so I have updated my article to include this.

Now Powered by Jekyll

I've just switched this site from running on my own PHP scripts to being generated by the excellent Jekyll. I've previously tried WordPress and Drupal but found them to be quite 'heavy' and involve a lot of setting up to fit this site but Jekyll is lightweight and suits me very well.

As a consequence of the update, I may have inadvertently broken a few things - please let me know if you notice anything...

The Return of Radio Downloader

I've just released version 0.28 of Radio Downloader. Unfortunately, the main change in this release is the removal of the BBC Provider but there are also a couple of small bug fixes.

I have also taken the opportunity to move the source code from a Subversion repository on my desktop to a git repository on GitHub to make it easier to contribute. My plan is to also move the bugs from Bugzilla to use the GitHub issue tracker (if feasable), so please bear with me while I make these changes.

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