Rsync for Tasker

An Android app providing Tasker plugin actions to allow running rsync over SSH.

Tasker is a very useful and widely used automation app for Android with a plugin architecture that allows other apps (such as this one) to add extra functionality.

This app provides the following actions for use within Tasker:

The packaged native binaries of Dropbear and rsync are my own builds which I keep updated with new releases.

Rsync for Tasker is free to use and open source, licensed under the terms of the GPL. You can browse or download the source at the GitHub repository.

Download Version 0.7

Latest News

New Release: Rsync for Tasker 0.7

For full details and to download this release, see the Rsync for Tasker page.

New Project: Rsync for Tasker

I’ve written a plugin app for Tasker which allows running rsync over SSH from your Android device.

This currently has some rough edges (no support for host-key verification, unclear error messages) but I’m using it on a daily basis to backup files from and sync photos & music to my phone and am pleased to report that it works well.

Sadly Google rejected my submission of this app to the Play Store (and my subsequent appeal), due to the use of the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission which is needed for the app to be at all useful. This unfortunately means that the app has to be manually downloaded and installed but I will be adding an update notification in the near future to make it easier to keep updated.