Radio Downloader

An easy to use application for managing podcast subscriptions and downloads.

A Screenshot of Radio Downloader

Radio Downloader also features a plugin framework that potentially allows it to provide podcast-like downloads of audio content from other providers who do not publish podcasts.

Radio Downloader is free to use and open source, licensed under the terms of the GPL. You can browse or download the source at the GitHub repository.

Download Version 0.36

For details of the changes in version 0.36, check out the changelog.

Latest News

New Release: Radio Downloader 0.36

The main change in this release is a switch from the .NET framework 2.0 to 4.5.2. This shouldn’t affect most existing users as this version of the .NET framework is installed by default in currently supported versions of Windows (and handled by mono under Linux), but it should hopefully make installing Radio Downloader easier for new users.

There are also a number of small bug fixes to keep things running more smoothly.

For full details and to download this release, see the Radio Downloader page.

New Release: Radio Downloader 0.34

This release contains the following enhancements:

Also included are fixes for a selection of different bugs discovered since the last release.

Please note that any advanced users who had previously configured DatabasePath in Radio Downloader.exe.config will need to configure the replacement AppDataDir setting instead.

For full details and to download this release, see the Radio Downloader page.

Questions or Problems?

For more information, for answers to your questions, or to find out how to report a bug, see the Radio Downloader help.