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New Article: Cross-compiling Dropbear and rsync for Android

I’ve just added a about how to cross-compile Dropbear and rsync for Android which was prompted by Android 5.0 refusing to run my existing binaries as they weren’t position independent executables. Read it here.

Dolby Digital over HDMI for OpenELEC on Nvidia ION

I’ve been using OpenELEC on my living room PC recently as it is very fast booting and lightweight compared to XBMCBuntu and easy to configure and use.  However, a small fix is still required to get Dolby Digital audio to work over HDMI, so I have updated my article to include this.

New Article: Get AC3 working over HDMI for XBMC on Nvidia ION

I’ve just added a new article about how to get Dolby Digital audio working over HDMI from XBMCbuntu on the Nvidia ION platform. This is an updated version of my original FAQ entry on the subject.

New Article: How to get your site listed in search engines

I’ve written a new article giving a good overview of how search engines work, and what you really need to do to get a good listing. Head over here to read it.

New Article: Why the meta keywords tag is a waste of time

I’ve added a new article based around the Meta Keywords Tag. Check out the articles section to learn more.

New Article: Protecting against SQL injection using MySQL with PHP

I’ve written an article on SQL injection and escaping, aimed at users of PHP and MySQL. Head over to the articles section to read it.