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Now Powered by Jekyll

I've just switched this site from running on my own PHP scripts to being generated by the excellent Jekyll. I've previously tried WordPress and Drupal but found them to be quite 'heavy' and involve a lot of setting up to fit this site but Jekyll is lightweight and suits me very well.

As a consequence of the update, I may have inadvertently broken a few things - please let me know if you notice anything...

Limited FAQ functionality

I have replaced the FAQ with a single script which just displays the existing FAQ entries. This is due to the site being hacked through a vulnerability in phpMyFAQ.

Most of the site and all downloads were unaffected by the hack (I have verified this with checksums against the original data), but I've taken the FAQ offline to prevent this happening again.

I'll consider the best way to replace the FAQ and make further updates as time permits.

Site Tweaks

I've made some small adjustments to the site header to improve the layout, made the news pages more consistent, and adjusted the stylesheet to help the whole site work better for users who prefer larger fonts.

Also, I've added an additional stylesheet which should improve the browsing experience on mobile browsers, as they are becoming much more popular. This should make the site work much better than before on mobiles, but I've still got some more testing and tweaks to do.

Site Changes

I have updated the site design to make it easier to navigate and less cluttered. Let me know what you think of the new design!


You might have noticed that the site has looked rather broken for a couple of months. The server that the site was hosted on failed, and then my hosting provider pulled out.

It is all sorted now though and the site is on some shiny new hosting, so I should be able to get on with writing some more articles!

Site Adjustments

Based on visitor feedback that I have received I've made some adjustments to the site layout - let me know what you think of the changes, or suggest some more using the contact page.

Welcome to NerdoftheHerd

Welcome to NerdoftheHerd - I'm currently putting together this site, and working on the content.