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New Project: Rsync for Tasker

I’ve written a plugin app for Tasker which allows running rsync over SSH from your Android device.

This currently has some rough edges (no support for host-key verification, unclear error messages) but I’m using it on a daily basis to backup files from and sync photos & music to my phone and am pleased to report that it works well.

Sadly Google rejected my submission of this app to the Play Store (and my subsequent appeal), due to the use of the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission which is needed for the app to be at all useful. This unfortunately means that the app has to be manually downloaded and installed but I will be adding an update notification in the near future to make it easier to keep updated.

New Project: Remeha Boiler Logger

I’ve shared a new utility I’ve written to log sensor data from my Remeha boiler in the hope it will prove useful.

Although written about a different model of boiler with a newer protocol, I found Robert Hekkers’ blog posts about the protocol of his Remeha Calenta a useful starting point.

New Project: libbeebimage

I’ve extracted the BBC image format loading code from the BBC Graphics Viewer, made it a stand-alone cross-platform library with C and C++ bindings and called it libbeebimage. This is what I’m using to convert images included in the 8-Bit Software Online Conversion via a ruby extension written in C.

8-Bit Software Magazine Online Conversion

I’d like to introduce a new project - the 8-Bit Software Magazine Online Conversion.

8-Bit Software was a public domain software library and floppy disk based magazine for the owners of BBC computers, which was published between 1990 and 1998, and contains a wealth of information about BBC computers.

The magazine disk images are available elsewhere online, but to read the disk images, a BBC emulator (or BBC) is required. This makes them difficult to access easily, and searching for obscure BBC information contained in the magazines doesn’t usually turn up any information from search engines.

I’ve currently only converted a single issue: (the fairly arbitarily chosen) Issue 64, but as the conversion is fully automated, I should be able to add more issues as time and enthusiasm permit.

So, check it out, and also feel free to let me know if you find any bugs, or if you’ve got any comments.

New Tool: BBC Graphics Viewer

I am pleased to announce the release of a new tool - a utility for viewing and converting images originally created on a BBC computer. Get BBC Graphics Viewer.

New Tool: Radio Downloader

I am pleased to announce a new tool - a utility for downloading radio station content. Get Radio Downloader here.