The Return of Radio Downloader

I've just released version 0.28 of Radio Downloader. Unfortunately, the main change in this release is the removal of the BBC Provider but there are also a couple of small bug fixes.

I have also taken the opportunity to move the source code from a Subversion repository on my desktop to a git repository on GitHub to make it easier to contribute. My plan is to also move the bugs from Bugzilla to use the GitHub issue tracker (if feasable), so please bear with me while I make these changes.

Radio Downloader and BBC Radio

Following a request from the BBC, I have removed the Radio Downloader source and installers. They will return shortly minus the BBC Radio Provider plugin (e.g. the ability to download BBC Radio programmes).

My apologies for the disappointment that this will cause but I hope that you will understand. I believe that the BBC is planning to offer downloads of radio programmes from 2014.

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone for their words of encouragement and support over the years and for putting up with my sporadic updates. I had hoped to do more to Radio Downloader over the last six months but unfortunately I have not been well and life seems to have been rather hectic...

Radio Downloader 0.26.2

I have just released version 0.26.2 of Radio Downloader. This minor update fixes the layout of the BBC Radio Find Programme A-Z pages as well as a small number of other common crashes and reported issues with the previous version.

For full details of the changes in this release, please see the changelog.

Radio Downloader and Norton Antivirus

I've had a few reports since releasing version 0.26 of Radio Downloader of it being removed from people's machines by Norton Antivirus due to it having a 'low reputation score'. I'd like to take the opportunity to reassure you that Radio Downloader is still perfectly safe. The installer and binaries are signed with my personal code signing certificate to prove that they haven't been tampered with, and the full source code is of course also available to download to prove that it doesn't contain any nasties!

Unfortunately the way to get Radio Downloader whitelisted by Symantec (the author of Norton Antivirus) appears to be for me to fill out rather a large form on their website and then wait several weeks for it to be approved. As I'd rather spend my limited free time improving and supporting Radio Downloader instead of doing Symantec's job for them, I've decided not to do this for the moment.

If you are being affected by this issue, I'd recommend uninstalling Norton Antivirus from your machine and replacing it with the free and excellent Microsoft Security Essentials, which I have been using for years and would recommend most highly.

Radio Downloader 0.26

I am pleased to announce the release of version 0.26 of Radio Downloader. This includes a fix for the minor layout issues with the Find Programme pages for BBC Radio programmes, as well as other bug fixes and new features.

This release includes the following major enhancements:

There are also quite a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes to address common issues and crashes - for full details, please see the changelog.

New Article: Get AC3 working over HDMI for XBMC on Nvidia ION

I've just added a new article about how to get Dolby Digital audio working over HDMI from XBMCbuntu on the Nvidia ION platform. This is an updated version of my original FAQ entry on the subject.

Radio Downloader 0.24.2

I've just made a bug-fix release of Radio Downloader. This contains fixes for five of the most commonly experienced crashes as well as for a number of other reported issues.

I have also updated the download page to provide links to both the 32- and 64-bit Windows installers and recommend the correct download for you (if appropriate).

Limited FAQ functionality

I have replaced the FAQ with a single script which just displays the existing FAQ entries. This is due to the site being hacked through a vulnerability in phpMyFAQ.

Most of the site and all downloads were unaffected by the hack (I have verified this with checksums against the original data), but I've taken the FAQ offline to prevent this happening again.

I'll consider the best way to replace the FAQ and make further updates as time permits.

Radio Downloader 0.24

I've just released version 0.24 of Radio Downloader. This fixes the recent issues with the Find Programme pages for BBC Radio programmes, as well as including new features and bug fixes.

The main new features are multiple select in the available episodes list and parallel episode downloads. There are also a number of smaller enhancements and bug-fixes for common crashes and issues - for full details, please see the changelog.

Radio Downloader 0.22

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 0.22 of Radio Downloader.

This release adds a number of new features including:

There are also a number of smaller enhancements and bug-fixes for common crashes and issues - for full details, please see the changelog.

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